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Choose among six workshop options on Wednesday morning from 9:30am to 11am.

Morning Workshop 1 – Theater for Farm Health and Safety- You Too Can Be a Star!
Presenting – Dr. Deborah Reed, PhD, MSPH, RN, FAAOHN, FAAN, College of Nursing University of Kentucky
In this interactive session, participants will learn about a new concept, didactic readers’ theater, to address farm
health and safety. This Kentucky and Tennessee research-based intervention has resulted in 54% of the farmers attending making significant changes to bolster their health and safety. The play sparks conversation about real threats and risks on the farm, empowering farmers to incorporate safer practices and prevention in their day-to-day work. In addition to leaving with access to the community toolkit to host your own theater, you will
have the opportunity to participate in a short theater.
Morning Workshop 2 – Gardening as a Therapeutic Tool
Presenting – UT Gardens Education Director- Derrick Stowell MS, CTRS, HT, University of Tennessee
One of only three registered horticultural therapists (HTR) in Tennessee, Derrick Stowell will show how you can use gardening as a therapeutic tool for individuals with arthritis and other medical conditions. Tips for modifying garden tools and activities as well as explain horticultural therapy.
Morning Workshop 3 – Healthy Cast Iron Cooking
Presenting – Vicki Lofty- FCS/4-H Extension Agent and County Director, Marion County Extension, Tennessee
Rediscover grandma’s cooking secrets and learn to clean, season and refurbish cast iron cookware. Participants will also receive coupons for cast iron cookware and recipes. (* One hour session from 9:30-10:30 am)
Morning Workshop 4 – Edible Landscaping
Presenting – Carol Mathews- Master Gardener Hamilton County
The point of Edible Landscaping is that you use your whole yard as a garden for beauty and economics.
By combining flowers, trees, bushes, vegetables and herbs, you are creating a bio-diversity
that is beneficial to you and the environment. Edible Landscaping, sometimes thought of as
companion planting, is rewarding and beautiful, providing the best combination for the homeowner.
For the smaller yards or patio gardens, the choice is no longer vegetables or flowers, as you can have both. Adding herbs to the mix also provides seasoning. The combination also attracts pollinators.
Morning Workshop 5 – Slice and Save
Presenting – Dr. Dwight Loveday- University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture and Representatives from the Tennessee Beef Industry Council and Tennessee Pork Producers
Price conscious consumers are always trying to stretch their food dollar, and that is especially true at the meat counter. Participants will see how simple home cutting and home storage of larger meat cuts can produce
more meals for their money.
Morning Workshop 6 – Make It, Take It, Reed Basket Weaving
Presenting – Rebecca Layman, Monroe County Extension and Carol Brandon, Claiborne County Extension
(This workshop includes two, 90-minute sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon – 9:30-11:00
am and 2:00-3:30 pm – limited to 20 participants. You will need to participate in both sessions to complete
your basket.)
Learn to weave a simple basket using reed. This Napkin Basket is 7 ½” square with a handle and decorative bow. Great for beginning weavers and fun for the experienced weaver. Please bring a towel. All other supplies will be provided.

Choose among seven workshop options on Wednesday afternoon from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm.

Afternoon Workshop 1 – This Rose Bud’s for You
Presenting – Jeff and Cindy Garrett- Master Gardeners Hamilton County, Tennessee.
Growing roses is an enjoyable and beautiful endeavor. In this session, we will discuss tips for producing roses in and out of containers. We will also examine some of the disease resistant varieties now on the market.
Afternoon Workshop 2 – Thrill of the Grill
Presenting – Dr. Dwight Loveday – University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture with Representatives from the Tennessee Beef Industry Council and Tennessee Pork Producers
Nothing is like the aroma of meat cooking on the grill. Grilling has become a year-long cooking experience in many households. Participants will receive tips on selecting meat cuts for the grill, meat preparation and
grilling techniques. Of course, there will be “grill goodies” at the end!
Afternoon Workshop 3 – What is Mamaw’s Quilt Worth?
Presenting – Lena Beth Reynolds- McMinn County Extension Area Specialist (Watershed Management) and former quilt appraiser from the American Quilter’s Society
Using a display of 20+ antique quilts and tops, participants will learn about the art of quilt appraisal. Topics discussed in this workshop will include date range of the quilts, criteria affecting quilt value, quantity and quality of piecing, applique, and quilting. Participants can examine the quilts during Q&A time. (Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before touching the quilts to preserve these antiques.)
Afternoon Workshop 4 – The Best Camera May Be the One in Your Pocket
Presenting – Doug Edlund/Assistant Director of UTIA Marketing and Communications
More and more people are taking photos with smartphones, and, in fact, many of today’s smartphones photos can rival a traditional camera for image quality. Learn how you can get the most out of that camera in your pocket. This session will cover composition, lighting, photo editing and more. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in a “Photo Tour” in and around the Chattanooga Convention Center.
Afternoon Workshop 5 – Bohemian Tassel Necklaces
Presenting – Vicki Lofty, FCS/4-H Extension Agent and County Director Marion County Extension, Tennessee
Tassels aren’t just for curtains and lampshades these days, they have become a fun statement dangling from the ears, trims on scarves and hanging from our necklaces. Make a trendy tassel necklace. All supplies will be furnished.
Afternoon Workshop 6 – Hydrangeas: The Most Beautiful Summer Bush
Presenting – Carol Matthews, Master Gardener of Hamilton County, Tennessee
No yard or landscape is complete without this eye-catching bush for summer to fall beauty. A few basic care-giving rules, and some form of hydrangea can be grown in most of the USA. Zone areas, soil conditions and light requirements are the basics for these beautiful bushes to provide small to basketball-sized blooms that can be dried and kept long past the blooming season. Round or cone-shaped blooms can be found on bushes with green, variegated or colored leaves making a very versatile plant.
Afternoon Workshop 7 – Get Fired Up: Blow your Own Glass Ornament
Blow your own glass ornament with help from a professional glass blower at iGNis Glass, Chattanooga’s
Premier glass-blowing studio. Off-site Class. Group will travel to site using the free
downtown electric shuttle. Workshop requires an additional cost of approximately $45 to be paid by participants at
the studio. Price depends on ornament choice. Need a minimum of 20 people to register in order to offer workshop.