Tour #14 – Dairy Production & Tasty Ice Cream

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The first stop of this tour will be in Loudon, TN to Steve Harrison Dairy. Steve Harrison Dairy is one of the most modern dairies in the Sweetwater Valley. Their pack barns, manure handling facilities, and custom milk cooling and hauling will be highlights on this stop. Next to Muddy Water Farms to look at an organic based dairy in Madisonville. We will then stop for lunch in Athens at one of the largest farmer owned co-op stores in the state, which caters to farmers as well as homeowners through Ace hardware division, along with clothing, crafts and anything else you may need to take home. Then depart for a nearby tour of the Mayfield Dairy Plant and ice cream for dessert. Mayfield is one of the nation’s leading dairies, using advanced technology to bring the best products and innovative packaging to their customers. They also have many tasty treats for people of all ages. Our final stop in Riceville will be the Russ Carmichael Dairy. Participants will tour their new air tunnel/cooling system free stall barns. Russ is a third-generation dairy farmer who strives to improve efficient and environmentally sound practices such as installing solar panels on the dairy.

ADVISEMENT: This tour will include moderate walking, and closed toed shoes are advised.